Sexy Stories & Erotic Fantasies

Romance, Dominance & Fetishes for Her

READER DISCRETION ADVISED: This blog uses strong language of a sexual and violent nature and is intended for mature audiences only. It contains imagery that some readers may find disturbing. The characters portrayed engage in risky and dangerous behavior.

Author Fela Rue

No Fake Third Person

Labels like actressmodel, and writer can be found associated with my name on the internet — so it must be true. I’m best known for short pornographic narrative proses with the lustful and lewd character Ms. Ruthless. I also write stories/articles on alcohol, dating, drugs, relationships, sex and other millennial vexations in a raw, blunt and dirty way. Emotional honesty creating vivid scenes that resonate visually and mentally.

My love for debauchery and fun has propelled me into the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles nightlife. I’d like to think of myself as a Professional Party Girl, a liaison into that good night. A stoner, frat boy with tits, I’ve also found myself in the sex industry posing, performing, and writing.

When friends needed a “Corpse” in the independent short ‘Arizona Blues‘ (2013) and “Fake Shemp” in the music video ‘I Will Never Forget You‘ (2012) I was happy to strip down, be covered in blood, and take directions. Ironically how that porno happened. I also cowrote the comedy short ‘Women Talking Themselves Out of Sex‘ (2015).

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