Peeping Jane: Part 2

He pulls his hard dick out through the slit of his boxer briefs, stroking it slowly as he watches the two girls. I take a long drag, filling my lungs with minty smoke, and squat down for a more comfortable view. Leaving the cigarette pressed between my lips, I pull off Christina’s jean jacket and spread it out on the firm but slightly damp ground. I lower myself onto it just as the star of this peep show pushes her fingers into her blonde friend.

Lifting up his jeans from the floor, the guy pulls a condom out of his pocket. My eyes flicker between watching him tug at his dick to the brunette flicking her tongue on the blonde’s clit. One of my hands rubs the seam of my pants against my own clit, trying to mimic the brunette’s oral skills.

Brad, I’m almost positive his name is Brad, approaches the brunette from behind, her firm ass still up in the air. I close my eyes and try to imagine what he sees. I bite my lip and  imagine what her pussy looks like. Is it cute? Dainty like her. Maybe a little pink like the blonde’s, or maybe a little darker. I bet it taste good.

With a hand on her hip, he sticks his dick inside her. She lifts her face away from the other girl’s cunt with an inaudible moan. The blonde curls up and kisses her friend. Her hand run’s down her taunt sternum, over her navel, and onto her clit. The blonde bites the brunette’s lower lip as her hand rapidly jiggles back and forth. My panties are drenched.

The brunette crumbles off of his erection. The blonde’s face dives into her friend’s pussy, licking up her juice. I flick my cigarette butt against the house’s siding. He guides the blonde’s face towards his cock, but she pushes him away and points to the mattress. He crawls onto the bed and lays down. The blonde lowers herself onto his dick as the brunette sits on his face. They each start riding him, joining hands as the smile at one another.

I hear Christina call my name again. Louder, closer. Standing up quickly, I kick her jacket into the bushes and walk towards the back deck. She nearly crashes into me as I round the corner.

“I’ve been looking for you! What are you doing over here? Why are you sweating?” Her rapid questioning only slightly slower than my beating heart.

“Smoking. It’s fucking hot here.”

She laughs me off. “It’s not hot! It’s actually really nice.”

I shrug as I lead her back up the stairs. “I need to pee. Is there another bathroom? Like downstairs?”

“Probably, but Richie doesn’t want anyone in the basement.” At the backdoor that leads directly into the kitchen, the hub of the party, she whispers. “Just go quickly and don’t touch anything. Second door on the right.” She points down the hall.


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