Alright Mr. De Mille, I’m Ready for My Cum Shot

Nothing with Cecil was off-limits. He made me feel truly comfortable with my sexuality. Any ideas I wanted to add into the bedroom, he welcomed with open arms. He satisfied my every sexually whim. I had found a man I could do bad things with.

The photo shoot was my idea. I was in my prime and in Los Angeles. Friends said I should try modeling for extra cash. I just needed some headshots. Maybe it was the surge of newfound sexual exploration. A high from the fire that burned within me.

Like with most things, Cecil enhanced my vision. From casual shots on the balcony to wearing lingerie and dripping my body over the sleek sofa. As I removed clothes, so did he. The memory card was full of pictures that faded from sexy pinup to bondage fetish shoot. Like I said, completely comfortable.

With the camera in my hands, I switched the subject of the photo session to him. I wasn’t as artistic as he was. I didn’t know how to focus the camera, try fancy angles, or adjust the lighting. I snapped away at my favorite part of his anatomy until another idea came to me. I switched to video mode.

We passed the camera back and forth while we took turns going down on each other. He oscillated from shooting me bobbing up and down on his dick from his direct point of view to holding it out wide and high. I’d imagine watching this later and how fucking hot we were. I chocked down more of his thick dick than I had every had and he moaned loader than he ever had.

We set up the camera on the nightstand for penetration but he didn’t think the image did us justice. He rested it on the headboard as he fucked me doggy style, pulling my hair just enough to pull my tits into frame.

Cecil loved cum shots as much as I loved bondage. Normally opposed to getting sticky, much-less, degrading myself by taking it to the face; there was something so motivating about how much it turned him on. I wanted to please him. I wanted to make him feel as good as he made me feel. He admitted the best part was watching my face waiting for him to release.

There was a pleasure in giving him pleasure, in making him happy. As he abided to some of my desires, I wanted to do the same. I started to enjoy the feeling of his warm cum sliding down my cheek and into my mouth. A delicious taste of seeing my man happily satisfied.

With the camera set up on a shelf, I knelt in front of him and assaulted his dick with my mouth. He cupped the sides of my head to fuck my face. He didn’t pull, but held my hair tightly in his fist. With him doing the motion, my throat was able to relax and let him enjoy his ride.

After some time, he withdrew his dick from my mouth, I closed my eyes as per the routine, and felt the warm splashes hit my skin. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, reveling in the orgasmic aftershock.

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