Dad I Would Like to Fuck: Part 2

The swirl of passion and fantasy wraps around us like a third lover. Finally naked, we caress each other body’s’ like curious explorers taking it all in; the view, the taste, the feeling. His skin is smooth and ticklish. I could just stare at him until daybreak and it would still be the best night of my life.

On my back with my knees bent, he hunches over me from between my legs and lays his head on my chest. His hands curl around the back of my shoulders, his forearms press tight against my ribs, and he squeezes me. I run my fingers though his hair, admiring his natural blonde highlights of sand and honey blond mostly hiding the platinum white strains.

He looks up at me, his sapphire blue eyes reflecting the nightstands’ lamps as they mist. “I’m so happy here. With you.”

“Me too,” I reply.

“I want to make you happier.” He trails kisses down my stomach and alternates between my thighs. His lips touch my clit and he takes a long drawn in breath. “You smell like heaven.”

My hands fly to my face as I giggle and wrinkle my nose.

His tongue glides between my pussy lips. Up then down, back up, and around my clitoris. The warm, moist oral muscle moves in and out me slowly. While still licking, his hands scoop under my hips and he lifts my ass off the mattress.

I can’t take it anymore. “Make love to me,” I plead. I want him inside me. I need him inside me.

He kisses my mouth harder and wetter than before. His erection hovers between us, bouncing between our abdomens with excitement. My feet firmly plant into the mattress as I arch towards him while we makeup, brushing his chest with my nipples.

I bite my lip as he enters. His cock is a perfect fit. My legs wrap around his waist as he presses in and out of me, his breath shuttering with each penetration. His hands slide around the back of my shoulders again as we look into each other’s eyes.

“I love you,” we simultaneously whisper.

Our hands slide around each other, holding and caressing as we make love. We roll over so that I am straddling him, our faces still only breaths away from the other. I grind my hips into his, feeling the base of his dick rub against my pelvic bone. The head of his dick presses a ripple inside of me causing my vaginal walls pulse and quiver.

His fingertips touch the back of my head while he lovingly peers into my eyes and it feels like an explosion in my heart. My pussy thrusts into him faster.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Me too.”


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