Military Grade S & M

Solider is not my usual musician or pretty boy. He is the epitome of a military man; a rough face with matching hands, covered in numerous scars, and his prominent nose looks like it has been broken more than once. His muscles are a work related fallout, not just for show. He is a real life G.I. Joe complete with movable parts and accessories I might choke on.

Though I’m not sure if he is an officer, he is certainly a gentleman. His conversational skills, manners, and ability to pick out and pay for dinner at a four-star restaurant, is remarkably refreshing.

“I can tell you don’t take orders very well,” he says leading me up the stairs.

“What makes you say that?”

He laughs, “Self-proclaimed gypsy, maybe?”

“I guess it depends on who is giving the orders.” Let the sex war games begin.

At the bedroom door, he kisses me hard with such an overwhelmingly strong embrace that my hand grasps the back of his neck for balance. How is his skin so soft and smooth? The image of strong but smooth leather floods into my mind. I step back to stand at attention with a sexy, pouty face that emotes ‘make me do bad things.’

“Get on your knees, hands behind your head, and keep your nose to the wall,” Solider sternly orders.

I drop to my knees abruptly, clumsy from inebriation and extremely horny. Biting my lower lip, my eyes close and I wait while items rustle behind me. I turn my head slightly in his direction.

“I said nose to the wall!”

He must have been watching me, testing me. “Yes, sir.” What does he have waiting in the trenches? 

I feel his hand wrap around the front of my neck, pulling me up to my feet. “Bend over,” he commands, turning and pushing me forward onto the bed.

He smacks my ass with the palm of his hand. Again, on the other side. Again, harder. Solider spanks me once more but with something different, something painful.

“Oww!” I shoot up in agony. “What the fuck was that?” Turning around I see numerous paddles, whips, ropes, and sticks with handles. This guy is not fucking around. “Oh, okay.” I bent over again. “Carry on.”

Another hard hit. “Carry on, what?” I can hear the smirk in his voice.

“Carry on, sir.”

He slaps, he hits and I try not to make a noise. He hits harder trying to arouse a response. I’ve been drinking, I can take it.

“On the bed. Face down.”

I climb onto the plush maroon bedspread, feeling a wincing pain as I use the freshly lashed muscles. He spreads my legs apart and nylon cuffs wrap around my ankles. He crawls on top of me, over me, taking my wrists and tying them to the slotted headboard. I can feel his hard dick brushing against my spine as he tightens the knot and positions my fingers around the wood frame.

His fingers tease me, pulsing slowly in and out, kissing and rubbing my back, trailing his other hand under me and over my breasts. As tough as Soldier is on my ass he certainly knows how to show a tender side. He pulls my hips up so my ass is in the air and my tied arms are stretched forward. The head of his dick pushes inside me just as another blow stings my right thigh making my pussy tighten.

The pain, pleasure, and surprise combined with my favorite position while being tied up by a man who has killed is too much for me. I climax within minutes, turning my pussy into a slip-n-slid as Soldier finishes his mission into foreign territory.

“I’ve never met a partner so willing,” he blurts. “I have so many other toys I want to use on you.”

I touch the warm skin on my butt and thighs. “At ease, solider.”

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