Code Chokehold

“This is how you want it.” His voice is rough, raw with passion and anger. “Right?!” He barks.

I nod submissively as his hands clasp tighter around my throat. Though his palms press into my larynx preventing me from voicing anything but small muffled grunts, I can still breathe through my nose so I hold my breath. He fucks me slow; his eyes focus below my chin. The urge to cough arises and I try to suppress it, but it circumvents my efforts and erupts. My lover releases me to my disappointment.

“No,” I grunt between hacks. “Not until I tap out!”

“Tap out,” he scoffs. “I’m twice your size. I could kill you.”

“Thanks the point.” I dismiss his alarmed expression with a flippant wave of my hand. “Just fucking act like it.”

“Turn around, doc.”

I wait for him on my hands and knees, my naked skin pricks into little bumps of anticipation. His penis rubs back and forth against each of my butt cheeks teasingly. With one hand on my hip, he spreads my pussy lips with the head of his cock, barely inserting his thick dick inside me. I sway back, trying to capture more of his penis, but he stops me by slapping my ass hard.

My head jerks back as he pulls my hair and shoves the rest of his shaft inside my pussy. The motion causes my hands to lift off of the twin-sized mattress and suspend in the air. His fingertips dig into my flesh around my hipbone as is other hand travels up my torso, over my breasts, and back onto my throat.

I don’t want to hold my breath. I want it taken from me. I want to have to fight for it.

His hold is tight but isn’t enough so I lean against his hand. I sweep my arms behind and cross my wrists to rest on my lower back. Counterbalancing my weight between my knees on the bed and my neck in his hand, I feel free. With every breath I miss, I feel closer to release.

The orderly grabs my imaginary bound wrists, “I’m going to bust.” He pounds into me adamantly, squeezing tighter than before. My eyelids flutter as the room gets darker. Dull pulses make my body throb from my cunt to my brain. I wish we had hooked up to the heart monitor.

When he withdrawals from me his cum splashes onto the white sheets. “Oh, I’ll clean that up.”

“Don’t worry about it, one of the…” I hesitate.

“One of the me’s will clean it up.” He guffaws as he quickly dresses back into his scrubs. The intercom recites my name twice and a room number. “You better go tend to that, Doc. Some people are sicker than you are.”

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