Sex, Smoke and Snow in Denver: Pas de Duex

For part one, click here.

He ventures more south, licking my asshole and cunt, the chill resting on fresh saliva. My skin tinkles and little bumps rise, forfeiting the smoothness of a fresh shave. Jack nibbles on my clit, sending a surge through me, and my leg slips from its resting place against the front seat.

“Holy fuck,” I utter.

“Like that?” Jack wipes my juices from his beard, leaving only a noticeable dark moist streak. “Come here.” He unhinges my other leg and pulls me through the space between the seats to straddle him.

My pussy lips glide over the growing bump under his jeans. Kissing him I can taste traces of my personal lubricant remaining on the course hairs around his mouth. My hands slide down the soft fabric of his shirt that coats the firmness of his chest. Reaching the zipper of his pants, my normally nimble fingers fumble to complete the job.

Jack shovels his arms under my thighs and lifts me to his mouth again, my knees hit the back head rests while my arms wrap around the front ones for balance. I feel weightless in his arms until one hand leaves my lower back. His tongue circles my cunt as I hear the sound of a zipper below me.

He lowers me back down to his lap, his jeans are at mid thigh, and his huge cock points to the ceiling. My small hand tries to encircle his steel hard dick but my fingertips are far from touching my thumb. I stack my other hand on top, neither reaching the base or the tip.

“Holy fuck,” I repeat.

Jack laughs. “Like that?”

I should be in Boulder instead of Denver, since I’m clearly about to fuck the hardest man in the state. Everything about Jack is rock hard; his cock, his muscles, and his silent resolve. In comparison I’m as delicate and fragile as one of the many snowflakes swarming outside the windows.

I thrust down around him, feeling him fill and stretch me. We both moan and take in the moment without moving. Inside my pussy aches with pleasure and pain, feeling full beyond the maximum allowed but simultaneously craving all he can give me.

His hands stroke my ass and move up my back, removing my shirt and bra. He studies my naked body; goose bumps come and go as his eyes then hands trace over my skin. Jack licks my breasts, sucks my nipples, and somehow pushes deeper inside me. He subtly moves in and out but the effects are powerful.

My body is still acclimating to his size. The dichotomy of pressure and release is enough to make me cum but I hold back. When I feel his fingers grasp the locks of my hair above the nape of my neck, my body shutters. The adrenaline from fucking a relative stranger in the midst of a blizzard prattles as his mere resting strength turns my minute frame into a rag doll.

As if knowing I’m on the precipice of climax he thrusts rapidly underneath me and I cannot hold back any longer. I cum hard and long and loud. But he continues pounding me harder and harder with wet splashes and the accompanying sound. My body twists, my muscles constrict and slack, my throat and mouth feel dry but I don’t care.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Go ahead. I already did.”

He pops me off of him just in time for his massive load to shoot hard under my chin, the rest hits the ceiling and rains down on me. I’m covered in is warm, sticky semen. I wonder if this is considered damage to the rental.

Jack pulls off his shirt and wipes me down before tending to the marks on the ceiling. His torso is exactly how it feels, toned and swollen with strength. I notice a faded dark spot on his chest that looks like it could have once been letters.

“It’s still snowing,” he remarks.

I pull my shirt back on. “Guess we should smoke again, huh?”

He smiles wide. “You read my mind.”

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