High & Horny: Does Marijuana Lower Men’s Libidos and Sperm Count?

boy-couple-fit-girl-Favim.com-1965573Studies on the effects of marijuana on the male sex drive have given us contradictory results for over forty years. Why can’t we get a clear-cut answer? Can we trust these researchers?


In 1981, researchers from the University of Texas concluded that mice fed liquid THC experienced an elevated testosterone levels to about six times its normal amount within the first hour. However, while mice receiving low doses maintained these high levels for the entire hour, those receiving much higher doses revealed sweeping drops in testosterone after twenty minutes to levels considerably below those in the control group.

The ‘Journal of Psychoactive Drugs’ published, within the same year, research that said 75 percent of men alleged marijuana consumption enhance their bedroom performance while another study reported that erectile dysfunction was twice as common in marijuana users.

Lead author, Lani Burkman, Ph.D, of a 2003 study comparing sperm of chronic marijuana smokers and non-users said, “The sperm from marijuana smokers were moving too fast too early… These sperm will experience burnout before they reach the egg and would not be capable of fertilization.” So much for the myth of slow swimmers…

What to Believe

It’s important to note the difference between correlation and causation. Many similar studies like to highlight that marijuana users are more likely to contract STDs. While there may be a correlation that smokers engage in more risky behaviors, no joint or bowl can give you herpes.

Keep who is conducting and presenting the study in mind. Article writers can be selective with the information presented just as researchers, while held to a degree of credence, can also color results. What if the University of Texas only reported the results of mice given high doses of THC?

Like any other mind/mood altering substance like alcohol, caffeine, or chocolate, users make decisions based on what works best for them. Antidepressants, also known to elevate mood while lowering libido, are prescribe to depressed and suicidal patients because their benefits have been determined to outweigh the side effects.

How does having intercourse under the influence affect you?

One thought on “High & Horny: Does Marijuana Lower Men’s Libidos and Sperm Count?

  1. I would like to perform an experiment with you. Together we can find the truth about how men’s sexual performance is affected. I will perform repeatedly under a variety of circumstances and you can write about how well I performed. I must disclaim that the control test is likely to be spectacular!

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