Miss Moxie (Part 2)

Click here for part 1

She fumbles with the button on her jeans, an excited grin plastered to her face with two colors of smudged lipstick bordering her lips emulating a painted clown. What the fuck? Just as she unzips I grab her jeans by the ankles sliding them off with her help. She is wearing the cutest lace panties. I have to ask her where she got them after.

I kiss the tattooed birds on her knees. I give the alien on her inner thigh a little nibble. Each of her inked kitten paws gets a peck as they lead me to where the pussy awaits. I draw her panties to the side putting my wet tongue inside her as far as possible.

She moans and rips the lace panties off. Awe. I liked those. You can tell that she is in need of a good fuck. I start the alphabet, tracing each letter with my tongue on her clit and spelling out dirty words inside her. She moans and squeaks, her fingers curling, grabbing, then extending. Touching her hair, my hair, caressing her breasts and arching her back. Women truly are beautiful in both pleasure and anguish.

I tease the tip of my finger inside her and a waterfall of cum gushes into my mouth. Hmmm… practice does work. She pushes my head away and towards her at the same time. Distracting her with a kiss I slide my two longest fingers inside her cunt and finger bang her as fast as I can until I hear splashing between my skin and hers.

“Your turn,” she whispers breathlessly.

“Baby, tonight is all about you. I want to make you happy.”

“If you want to make me happy you’ll let me do that to you.”

I love a generous woman. “Fair enough. How about sixty-nine?” She teases my nipples by sucking and gently blowing on them as if they were candle flames she wants to make dance instead of extinguish. Dragging her tongue to my navel she straddles my face, hovering her wet cunt inches from my face. Grabbing her ass I pull her deliciously pretty pussy to my mouth.

We both moan mmmm’s and ooohh’s each of us becoming more turned on by the other’s noises. Her hips move slowly, rolling her pussy across my lips. I can feel her cum slip down my cheek leisurely as she orgasms like waves crashing onto the shore.

Her fingers twist inside me causing me to lose focus and soon I feel paralyzed by pleasure. Changing position she kneels next to me, her fingers moving in and out, her thumb rubbing my clit. My legs start to quake and my internal dam of cum breaks open creating an instant puddle between my legs.

She bends down to kiss me. As she sits up a string of cum and saliva form a bridge between us and we laugh like schoolgirls again.

“Come here. I want to cuddle,” making lazy efforts to pull her down to me. She snuggles under my arm, her head resting on my chest, her fingers drawing invisible pictures on my stomach and tracing tattoos. Kissing her forehead I make a silent promise. I will not hurt her. “I want to take you out on a date.”

She looks up at me and I kiss the tip of her nose followed by her flushed lips. “I’d like that. A lot.”

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