Miss Moxie (Part 1)

I need to have her. She is perfect. Everything I want and wanted to be. Cool, short black hair in pigtails, covered in tattoos for as far as the eye could see, and big, mischievous green eyes. I float towards her like a gravitational pull. She is the sun I will revolve around.



“So are you friends with the host or are you here with someone?” Fuck. Real smooth. I must remember not to be so hard on guys. Openings are tough especially at parties when buying a drink isn’t an option.

“He’s my girl friend’s boyfriend. I don’t really know him though.”

“What?!” The word dropped from my mouth before I could rectify the shock from my face. Is she gay? Bi?

She giggles. Okay, she’s use to that reaction. “That girl over there,” she points to a redhead that I am clearly prettier than. “She’s my best friend,” Not gay. “But we mess around when her boyfriend is out-of-town. I really like her. I wish she would dump him.” Gay!

This girl is making it too easy, so much ammo. “Awe that must be really tough on you – to play with your heart like that.” She smiles a sad smile, pain behind her eyes. “And you’re so cute too! Where is this boyfriend?” Sympathy and compliment, check and check.

“Oh, uh,” looking around, “He’s over there,” pointing to a classic Los Angeles musician with tattoos, black hair, in tight black jeans.

“Straight girls, they’ll break your heart every time. Hey, you look like you need another drink. I know I do,” showing her my near empty red Solo cup. “Come with me,” grabbing her hand to lead her through the fairly dense crowd. Physical contact, check.

I pour us both a Jack and coke making sure to go extra heavy on the Jack as alcohol diminishes quickly at parties. I ask her stupid questions like what she does, what she likes to do, and gently play back to her redheaded now-and-then lover. She’s been in love with her for years.

“Well, she’s been glancing at us every few minutes so she must care about you more than a pal.” I had strategically kept her back to her friend, who hadn’t even batted an eyelash in our direction but my target didn’t know that. Baited. “Maybe she just needs to know that you won’t always be there for her. Have you tried making her jealous?”

She glances back, “Do you think that would work?”

I shrug my shoulders. “I don’t know but it couldn’t hurt. You gotta show some moxie. That’s it! Moxie. That’s my nickname for you.” I wink one eye and she blushes. “Ready?” I caress her soft, smooth cheek with the back of my fingers and my pussy tightens in excitement. She is so fucking lovable I can’t even stand it. I grab the back of her neck and pull her face into mine. Oh my god. She’s so soft and sweet. The taste of Jack on her lips is divine.

She embraces me back and I feel that floating feeling I did when I first saw her. I thought it would be like kissing myself but it is more innocent – like making out with a sexy teddy bear. I want to take care of her, hold her and tell her everything is ok. I am suddenly very angry with that redhead.

“Wow.” We both say at the release. Smiling and giggling at the shared thought like two schoolgirls.

“Fuck her,” I say harder than I thought it would come out. “If she has kissed those lips and left them she is a fucking moron. Tonight, let me help you remember what it feels like to be loved.” I don’t wait for her response but take her by the hand and confront the redhead’s boyfriend, “I want to fuck this girl. Where’s a bedroom I can use?”

A confused look is short-lived and a broad smile sweeps his face. “You can use mine! Here let me show you!”

With the door closed behind us I take her into my arms again, kissing her with the passion all girls want to feel, the physical performance of love. Pulling her arm over my shoulders I swoop her into my arms to throw her onto the bed. I yank off my shirt, bra, and pants in record time only pausing for her to take in the image of the woman who is about to ravage her.

To be continued…

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