The ‘No Resolution’ Resolution

It’s January 10th. Have you broken your resolution yet? Have you been eating healthy, going to the gym, and stopped stalking your ex via social media?

If we make resolutions we have a 50/50 chance of breaking them. Then we wait until next year to try again. That’s like eleven months of no progress. How about instead of the typical New Year’s resolutions that you have been carrying over year after year you make a resolution that isn’t one? Make a decree to change your point of view.

Love Your Body

Whether you’re working to improve your body or not, it’s the only one you got so you might as well appreciate it. Think of it this way; did you wake up this morning? Kudos!

Stop hating yourself for not looking like the .01% of super models in the magazines. Your jiggly arms slammed the snooze button not once but four times this morning. Those thunder thighs got your less than toned ass out of bed. Your flabby tummy digested the six cups of coffee you’re drinking throughout out the day. Face it, your body puts up with all of the shit you give it.

Besides, those bitches are photoshopped.

Be Transparent

Trying to keep this year drama free? Start with yourself. Don’t hide behind lies and emotional walls.

If you talk shit behind someone’s back (and we all do), be prepared to say it to their face. You don’t like your best friend’s new friend? Don’t call her a cum-guzzling gutter slut and then smile to her face and compliment her knockoff Marc Jacobs bag. You don’t need to be a bitch but you also don’t need to be two-face. That’s how drama starts. Don’t like someone? No one is pointing a gun to your head to be fake to them.

Have hang ups from your past relationships that you are taking out on your new beau? Be frank with your issues. No one is a mind reader and those ‘walls’ that you build up to see how much someone cares to knock them down may prevent some really great people from being in your life if you keep restacking the bricks.

This might sound illogical but I feel/think _________ because of _________.

It’s amazing how people respond to your concerns when you begin by stating that it’s YOUR trepidation and not their blunder.

Stop Caring What the Neighbors Think

I’ll admit this one is hard but if you are hindering your life in any way to appease other people you’re not encouraging your happiness. And isn’t that what resolutions are supposed to do, make you happy?

Have a pair of pants that your boyfriend hates but you love? Wear them. After all, he wears that same stupid jersey every Sunday during football season. Stand up for yourself.

Getting called a slut cause you hooked up with the drummer? And the lead singer? And the bassist? Who cares! You had fun, no one got hurt, and you have great stories. Those name callers are jealous, prudes, and unoriginal. Those band guys hooked up tons of groupies and got high-fives not high school labels. Stand up for your actions.

Not sure about that white wedding, children, or even a conventional job? Society likes to dictate personal life choices with ‘norms’ that don’t necessarily fit all personalities. Not all people can sit in a cubical for 40-hours a week, go home to their nagging spouse and whinny kids. Some of us are completely happy following our dreams of living on the fringe. Stand up for your beliefs.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 4.30.13 PM

That’s a resolution we can all get behind.

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