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Unlucky in Love, Lucky in Lust

Unlucky in Love, Lucky in Lust It was going to be her last date for the month, possibly longer. She’d been on so many first dates, yet so few second

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Two Birds, One Stone

Impromptu threesome, anyone? A college hunk gets lucky with two 30-somethings looking for a good time. But, it’s the women who end up surprised. … Continue readingTwo Birds, One Stone

Choosing Career or Marriage

Student Loans vs. Wedding Loans Most post-graduates are familiar with student-loan hell. However, the impending doom of interest rates and repayments is an unknown concept to high school students taking

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Erotic & Taboo

This blog is not for the prude, goody two-shoes, and uptight. These stories and thoughts are for those who like to be naughty and have a wider sets of beliefs. Check out erotic tales of lust and articles on taboo topics.

Visit my OnlyFans page if you are just trying to see me naked, heathen. But if you want to explore the most scandalous parts of me…

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