Champagne Kisses

“I want to make you cum exactly at midnight,” he says as closes the door behind him. “Well, that gives you about fifteen minutes, Champagne.” “Why do you keep calling me that?” Champagne is a hedge fund manager from back in the States. He is conventionally good-looking in a cold sort of way, similar to…


Donor #7669 – First Minute

Here is the first minute of my documentary about my two cycles as an egg donor. It was an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Editing is taking longer than I thought so the short film will not be ready by the end of the year.


Break Time will be taking a short hiatus to work on the up and coming documentary Donor #7669 which is scheduled to be released before the end of the year. Please keep an eye for updates!



Another actor. Another actor but one with credentials. IMDB was ABC Family’s golden boy with blond hair, blue eyes, and a smile that would make even my lesbian mother swoon. He is a friend of a friend like most are in the little city of Los Angeles. Just a few hours ago I thought he…


Los Angeles: The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful

Living in Los Angeles is often a love-hate relationship. A former east coaster, I’ve lived here for four years and have resided in Hollywood, Silverlake, the Valley, and now Venice. Like all major metropolitan areas there is always something to do — you just have to fight traffic to do it. The residents are all…


The Rebound

He is on a mission. He needs to forget about his girlfriend, correction, ex-girlfriend. To forget about his troubles with the distraction of whiskey and women. And he is failing miserably. “Fuck it! Ya’ know? I’m single now. I can do what I want,” he repeats his mantra more for himself than for me. I…


How to Make Friends with Kiddy Porn

Here’s a crazy internet story to scare parents… When I was 14-years-old I was just coming into my pop punk phase (pretty sure you can stop calling it a phase now, mom) and bands like Green Day and No Doubt blasted through my hormone crazed cranium. I emulated what I thought the child of Billie Joe Armstrong…



Directly influenced by Kris Searle‘s new song Veins He shifts next to me as I pretend to still be asleep. Maybe if I lie here buried in the cushion of our sheets he will playfully push his face into the crevasse of my neck like he use to. Maybe he will press his body into…


Sexual Security

A common problem found in men and women alike is confidence. Confidence, in or out of the bedroom, is a hard thing to attain. It’s a temperament within people like being an intro or extrovert. Men & Their Penises Sexual insecurities in men often surround the most obvious of places, their dick. Penis size, both…


How to Pick Up the Pieces of Your Broken Heart

Spring-cleaning doesn’t stop at the dustpan and mop. The New Year’s feeling of resolution and starting over with a clean slate is enhanced with sunshine and chirping birds. This mentality seems to run through to all aspects of our lives including relationships leaving some to only feel the seasonal rain and stinging bees when the…


When Did Dating Stop Being Fun?

Lately dating has seemed like a chore. The excitement one gets prior to a date, the butterflies, the giddiness, has long been gone from my repertoire of emotions I get from the idea of a date. Maybe it’s because Hollywood, our parents, and our imaginations have played up the mating game. Maybe it’s because our…

sluts walk

Perks Of Being a Slut

SLUT /SLƏT/ NOUN – A SLOVENLY OR PROMISCUOUS WOMAN I’ve been a slut for years. It came easily (pun intended) and naturally. Like a fish swimming. After all, I started masturbating at four, showed classmates my panties in kindergarten, and never thought boys had cooties. Well, at least until I moved to Los Angeles. Everyone has cooties here.…